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With an unorthodox style, the band Samba no Pé performs a fusion of rhythms that results in the perfect samba’s beat. Formed by Brazilian musicians, the band was born in Boston (USA), in January 2010 where it does most of its projects.
Aiming to recover important works of the
 Popular Brazilian Music (MPB)Samba no Pé presents a different repertoire of old songs with a totally modern appeal.

Com um estilo nada convêncional, a banda Samba no Pé faz uma fusão de ritmos que resulta na batida perfeita do samba. Formada por músicos brasileiros, a banda nasceu nos USA na cidade de Boston em janeiro de 2010 onde hoje realiza a maioria dos seus projetos.
Visando resgatar as obras que marcaram definitivamente a Música Popular Brasileira(MPB), a Samba no Pé apresenta em seu repertório uma diversidade de composições antigas com uma sonoridade absolutamente moderna.

                                                              Formacao da Banda :

Born in Sao Paulo (capital), with training in music and performance, counter-bass player, guitarist and singer, and also a music producer, arranger and composer.
David Ramos  taught children in schools as: Espaco musical, Escola Viva, Domus Music, Methodist College.  Improvement of  teachers from public and major metropolises (Sao Paulo - SP, Vitoria-ES, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte-MG).
As musician David Ramos accompanied several singers and bands like the Brazilian and international, "Heartbrack", "Group Catavento," Maria Alcina, Lady Zhu, Penninha, Catinguele, Ricardo Breim, Luis Tati, Nando Reis ... Participated in the "Traditional Music Orchestra Classical "master and composer Jafte, Big Band of Zhais etc. ..
Later in the Philosophy columnist in some national and international organizations - promoting lectures, writing materials (newspapers, magazines, etc. ..) and musical concerts  in Brazil and also abroad SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY (NY), UNION TEOGICAL Seminary (NY), ATWOOD'S TAVERN ( Boston), RAYLS (Cambridge), CAFE BELO (Everet, Somerville, and Framingham), "UP THE WEKE EARTO (great art and music festival in Jamaica Plain), GILLET STADIUM 15 FESTIVAL OF INDEPENDENCE, Congo (Harvad SQUARE) , MIDWEST GRILL (CAMBRIDGE AND Saugus) and others.
Over the past four years living in Boston-USA, by integrating the city's music circuit, producing soundtracks (movies, advertisements in general) also produced the soundtrack of the movie "ID" (Brazilian-rated drama in Boston and critical regions), and also with the BAND SAMBA NO PE playing in different places and disseminating teaching Brazilian music



Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Claudia Beleli comes from a family where music was 
always present. Since she was very young, she has always been very connected to 
arts in general, admiring and respecting their different expressions.

Also very enchanted by the world of literature, Claudia Beleli started to write 
texts, chronicles and poems at 9 years old, inventing theatrical performances 
with songs and scripts of her authorship.

Claudia Beleli has been living in Boston - USA for the past 10 years, 
being a columnist in the Brazilian Times newspaper 
(very popular within the Brazilian community living in the USA). 
She is also member of the Banda Samba no Pe, where she sings, 
performs Brazilian music and plays some percussion. 
Claudia has been devoted more to the art world In the last few years. 
She currently composes music and participates in studio recordings, and concerts. 
Some recent events include: Boston COLLEGE - "WOMAN" play 
(The envolving world of the Portuguese speakers), the Orpheus play,Razor play by Plinio Marcos, Jab Stab - movie, Olhos de Aguia - Movie ,   
15th Brazilian Independence Festival, Gillet Stadium Wake Up the Earth - JAMAICA PLAIN, 
and performances at Midwest Grill, Cafe Belo, South Zone,Latino Festival - Brookline, MIT universit, Bossa Nova - Malden,  Conga - Harvard Square, 
ID - The movie, among others).

Claudia Beleli recently assumed the executive production of the Video Clip 
Banda Samba no Pe, very promising in Boston and in the whole national territory.

Percussão: Fernando Saci
Samba | Jazz | Salsa | R&B | Funk | African | Latin | World Fusion

Fernando Sací's musical career began at the young age of seven when he learned to play the steel pan and tambourine at a small community center in Campinas, Brazil called Casa de Cultura Tainã. With a natural talent for all things percussion, he quickly mastered his craft and soon began teaching various percussive instruments for others at the center. After playing professionally for several years, in 2002, Sací was selected to study at one of the most respected musical conservatories in Brasil, Conservatório Dramático e Musical "Carlos de Campos" in Tatuí, São Paulo. At Tatuí, he specialized in jazz and MPB percussion and graduated in 2005 to explore many other genres of music. Over the past 20 years, Sací has participated in innumerable shows and recordings and has shared the stage with the likes of Gilberto Gil, Dona Ivone Lara, Leci Brandão, Almir Guineto, Monarco da Portela, Proveta, Bule-Bule, Wandê, Maracatú de Porto Rico, Fernando Baeta, Marcelo Modesto, Estrela Brilhante, Leão Coroado and Chico Gomes. Local bands he has started, directed or participated in include (but are not limited to) Sacicrioulo (Afrofunk), Black Dog Funk (funk), Projeto Semente (jazz fusion), Los Guajiros (salsa), Havana Club (salsa), Villa Baggage (Brazilian country), Tambores de Ouro (folkloric samba), Gafieira Camisa Amarela (samba/gafiera), Sandália de Prata (samba rock) and Tambores de Aço - Casa de Cultura Tainã(steel pan).

Saci composes, produces, directs, arranges and records for various artists and has created and delivered dynamic workshops at community programs targeting "at risk" youth in various cities including Campinas, São Paulo, Chicago and New York.

C.Baixo:  Zuzo Moussawer

Bass player since 1985, Brazilian living in the USA, started his career playing in a band of ..Heavy-Metal.. called Warkings. After a year, joined ..Druidas.., a blues band in which he stayed for a year playing in many events on Santos.
In the years of 1987 and 1988 got into a ..instrumental rock.. band, Mr. Green, where he stayed for 5 year performing an expressive number of concerts and recording a LP in 1990. In this same period he participated in jingles recordings, played in many nightclubs in Santos and recorded for a diversity of national singers, among them Eduardo Dusek.
In July of 1994 he left the band Mr. Green to dedicate himself to the band called Santa Claus (nowadays extinct) and in his solo career performing workshops and concerts for all Brazil, in a life’s choice he decided to invest in his career as a teacher instead of following singers or bands or playing in bars.
Zuzo recorded 1996 a video-class for brazilian label aprenda musica, the video was named ..Slap & Two-hands Rock.
1997 was the year that he released his independent solo album called EXPRESS, not only he composed all tracks, he played different instruments among them all the keyboards and through your first ideas played with both hands simultaneously in a bass with two necks, produced a CD towards the universe of rock guitar. The CD also has the participation of guitar players such as Edu Ardanuy (Dr. Sin), Kiko Loureiro (Angra), Frank Solari, Alexandre Blanc, Mauro Hector and Mello Junior besides the drummer Pablo Silva. Zuzo performed workshops and concerts of this CD with his band at the time, Pablo Silva (drums), Daniel Lima (Keyboards), Alexandre Blanc and Mauro Hector (guitars).
At the end of 1999 Zuzo started composing the songs of his second CD called Raizes x Influências and released at November of 2000 with a totally different concept of his former CD.
This CD is conceptual, promotes the interaction of Brazilian and Arabic music with Funk, Blues, Jazz and Country and embraces the acoustic and percussive universe. Zuzo used totally different instruments and also played all the pianos, many guitars and drums in one track, composed and produced all tracks. The CD counted with the presence of many musicians, Robertinho Silva (percussions) Duda Neves (drums), Alexandre Reis, Plínio Romero and Pablo Silva (drums), David Richards (Sax) Alexandre Balnc and Mauro Hector (guitars) among others.
In 2002 he recorded 2 new video-class for the label www.aprendamusica.com.br about grooves and solos.

Zuzo's third solo CD, PRATO DA CASA was recorded between 2004 and 2005. This is a CD only with one bass and drums, half instrumental, basically standards, half with voice, where he sang and composed all the tunes.
Zuzo was one of the four finalists in 2005 at the International Solo Bass Competition in USA. A contest created by Bass Extremes and judged by Victor Wooten, Steve Bailey, John Patitucci, Anthony Jackson, Will Lee, Greg Bisonette and Jonathan Herrera.
Zuzo  released his first concert in DVD in Brazil by aprenda musica in 2007, The DVD has Zuzo playing in three different ensembles, solo, duo with drummer Fernando Baggio, and trio with Guitarrist Mauro Hector and drummer Pablo Silva. There are songs from his previous three CDs as well as new songs where he also sings.
In 2009 Zuzo Moussawer was graduated in Film Scoring at Berklee College of music.

Bateria:  Fábio Saffi
Professional Drummer for 18 years, has worked with several singers, MPB groups and several groups of Rock and Jazz. Brazil and was graduated by the Conservatório Dramático e Musical Dr. Carlos de Campos from Tatuí - Brazil in MPB ( Brazilian Popular Music ) and Jazz. Studed at Berklee College of Music in Boston USA (5WeekSummer Program (2008).

Participated in some important Concerts: Water Front Festival of the Volvo Ocean Race in Boston-MA Sound Session Festival 2009 in Providence. with the group Maracutaia in the Internacional Festival of Music “del Mundo“ in Bolívia at the lake Titicaca. Played with the singer from Mexico, Miguel Sevilla.

Also played in several workshops together with the guitarist Alberto Correia, ex-music instructor at UNICAMP (University - Brazil) with the trombone Dejair Rodolf and with the Noth American piano player Kelvin Shollar (Free Jazz 2002) as well as with the French violinist Nicolas Krassik among others.

Recorded several CDs suchas: Laércio de Oliveira, CDs: “ Quero a Paz” and “ Motivo da Canção “ (Christian Music - CD released in Brazil, USA, Spain and Portugal), Migueli (Spanish singer, CD released in Brazil and Spain) and Yohanna Elvira Nina (Boston/USA).

Currently is a student of Salem State University in the courses Music (Big Band) with the Conductor, Instructor and Trumpeter Thomas Palance and (Percussion Essemble) with the Instructor Abe Finch.